Getting Sponsorship

Whenever one lands up telling people that they are planning this kind of a trip, the first few things they hear is ‘Try reaching out to Nat Geo / Travel Portals / Brands and get sponsorship’
What one doesn’t hear is ‘Bhai yeh halwa nahi hai (It isn’t as easy as it sounds)’. Because these brands aren’t simply sitting there and warming up their chairs to give out the company money or products to every other random person who reaches out to them. They want to see value in what they are investing even a single product sponsorship in. Few things that these brands look for when they get such applications from individuals

  • Number of followers on social media
  • Tentative reach that the content would get
  • A different concept or lookout to why you are looking to do this trip
  • How it will benefit them
  • Cause backing the ride. Like Ride for safety or something.

Yet after all these challenges, obstacles, hundreds of emails and very few telephonic conversations managed to get a few products sponsored from brands, friends and family.

A small financial Sponsorship from – Executive Bajaj was a great help in taking care of a few spends for this trip.

THH India – Dual Visor Helmet


The Bolt Red Streak13603684_1798438893773843_4614667446745591640_o

Ignyte – Shoe Cover & Waterproof Gloves

Rynox Tornado Pro – Jacket


Friends and family were helpful and encouraging. They gifted me the Rynox tank bag, saddle bag, 20000mAh power bank.

Did manage to get in touch with a few mobile brands and travel portals, which I had to turn down. After all it isn’t everyday that one goes on a solo road trip. So why not enjoy it and not let the sponsorship / tie up become another job in itself.

One major lesson to learn here was that running after these brands and sponsors is just another job and if the aim is to travel for yourself then don’t mix these two things.


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