Day 4 – Mount Abu

Started the day a bit early – ish and headed to Mount Abu. With the lovely curves for about 18 kms. Only a few bad patches here and there, it’s heaven for bikers.
Stopped at the first place that seemed like a nice breakfast spot with eggs and Maggi. It was run by these two old men who happily chatted and said that camping here is never an issue, all one needs to do is take permission from the people and do their thing.

Anda Maggi

Went ahead to Nakki lake and all along the way it just kept screaming, damn such a touristy place.
At Nakki lake the kids will just keep coming around and saying, bhaiya magic show. Bhaiya feed the fishes. Walking inside one will see the magnificent lake with the hills around and fog.

Nakki Lake, Mount Abu

Most of the cops here are helpful and will happily guide you as to where to park the bike or for directions.
Going ahead to the BK centre in Mount Abu and saw the centre where the baba would meditate. Had an interesting conversation with an old lady at the reception office here. She seemed somewhat in dismay of what the people these days are trying to do and after her rant said ‘on shanti’ and fell back to her chair with a smile.

On my way out, met a lady ( Megha / Meghana ) who was traveling with her niece and nephew from Ahmedabad. And they were just discussing how cool it would be to be able to own a caravan and travel the world.
While heading to the locations ahead met a jolly fellow who was a taxi / local cab driver there. This man was totally fascinated with the action camera on the helmet and wanted to make sure that I visit all the great locations in Mount Abu.

Went ahead to ride in the fog towards the less known Jain temple and further ahead to Guru Shikar temple which was a great experience. As one was exhausted with the road while coming up and had to walk up another 250 odd stairs. Most of the places the parking is free. And a local kid came up and said that the parking is free, give some money if you wish to and we’ll take care of the bike.
Walked up to the top of the small hill to be surrounded by fog and fatigue. To which I thought how would I ever be able to go anywhere near Ladakh or Spiti.

Guru Shikar Temple, Mount Abu

Took some rest up there and headed down to ride in some more fog where the visibility was zero. Halted at one spot to meet some travelers from Rajasthan who wanted to click a pic with the bike. And while bidding goodbye, they said that do come visit them if I come to Jaipur.

On reaching Delwara temple, parked the bike near a police station and asked the cops where can I keep my helmet and bag. To which, he said we don’t allow this but keep it in the chowki. Went ahead to see the temple but realized it would be a task as one has to remove shoes and head inside. Went and chatted up with the cop and surprisingly he was the same age as me. And then proudly introduced himself as ‘Sardar Choudhary’
Aren’t the people here really proud of their surname. They will make sure that you get their full name.
Was around 4 by this time, wanted to head back before sun down to avoid riding in unknown hilly roads.
Reached down in time, fueled up and saw a washing station. Got the bike washed up and headed back to the room to get some rest.
Spent the evening in the BK centre, tried my luck with their meditation methods as well.