Day 3 – Surat to Abu

Started the day early in the morning. Not knowing what the roads will bring. Hoping that it rains less. And that the journey is worthwhile.

Tried covering more KMs before halting for breakfast. Just about 100 kms before Ahmedabad, halted at Hotel Satluj for breakfast. Where this Sardarji uncle (half bald) is sitting without his turban. He suggests to have some paneer parathas with dahi. He did recommend dal makhani but that would’ve surely made me need a mattress to sleep for a while. The paratha was perfect and couldn’t ask for more.

Chatted up a bit and then asked him to stand for a photo. Where he asked ‘Is it necessary ? ‘ to which I thought, is anything in life really necessary at all. To which I remembered my ex boss (Hammad’s) words oye Socrates ki aulaad.


Headed onto the road to bypass Ahmedabad, where I made the mistake to stop by and ask cops for directions. And before I knew it, all they wanted was money before even thinking of helping for directions. Long story short. If any cop in Gujarat asks you for papers, just say you’re from the Army. (Tip from the cop who took 200 bucks bribe)

Went ahead to ask for directions from locals who helped me out with the right roads and guided towards the Ambaji road. Roads were a bit scenic and I was lazy to take the action cam out and record the journey. To which I always think, why do we need to record and publish there things. Isn’t the whole idea that each one should at least make an effort to experience this? Cause only a real experience will be worthwhile.

Thought of halting near Ambaji temple but was reluctant as people just stopped cars and bikes on the road, asking to stop visit the temple after taking the goods from their shops. No doubt the temple looked good. Was just hoping to reach the destination before sunset.
There were many spots that reminded one of the mountains that are visible whilst reaching Hampi. Build up of boulders and more boulders.

Post entering RJ , the roads was quite bad and had to maneuver a lot to move ahead. Luckily there was a river flowing by the side which made the journey worthwhile.
Reached Abu road and entered the BK centre. Luckily had managed to get accommodation with the help of folks from home and the BK centre in Juhu.

Trying to consume the whole atmosphere of the place with the kind of people, the type of theory / concepts they were believing in.
Freshened up and just walked around a bit, had some dinner at the place and hit the bed early wanting to head to Mount Abu.