Day 2 – Surat

So all the gear isn’t dry yet. Can’t take the risk of wearing wet gear and heading out to the next destination.
So here I am in Surat, figuring out what to do. Friend hands me over his car keys and says go roam around and see Gopi Talav, Dutch cemetery and the beach.
Landed up going to Gopi Talav first, where the attendants tried to convince me that the action cam was a professional cam and would not be allowed. Whilst I tried to convince them otherwise and succeeded. Walked around the commercialized place and found a spot which had the old side of the Talav which was interesting.

Gopi Talav, Surat

Met this old watchman who started chatting up. Just when I thought that there are people just wanted to know more about people, he said ‘Saab kuch chai paani hoga kya’. In short he was asking for some money.
Walked on and went to find the dutch cemetery. Which is a brilliant location to just watch the place and sit. Ponder into nothingness. Most people around don’t know about it themselves. A few caretakers are around who mind their own business. Sat there for a while, when an old man brought along his grandson for a while into the place and then went along their way.

Post which landed up going to Dumas beach, which was a bit far off but the roads were great. Had the famous bhajiyas for lunch which were kind of overpriced. But it’s a totally different combo with the chutney that they have and tomato bhajiyas.

Tried to find one way to head to Dumas beach but just seemed lost, landed up headed back by following another car. En route saw another entry to the beach and parked out there.
The beach was too windy to be able to stand there without being blown away. I’m sure someone like my sister would need an anchor. The beach had like power lines running across which kind of baffled me.

The tiredness started kicking in and headed back to friend’s place to get some rest.
Luckily all the gear was dry so managed to sleep in early to begin the ride next day to Abu.