Day 19 – 21 – McLeodganj – Dharamkot

Morale levels boosting with being on the road for so long. Another plus being in the hills around such sights just made each day and each moment feel better.

Started from Mandi to head to Dharamshala. Many of the patches in between were quite bad. Full of slush and off roads due to construction of the 4 lane highway. That area took most of the time. Later found out that there is another way which bypasses this section.

Halted here to see the majestic beauty of mother nature

Travel experiences help us realize how small we are in reality. All our problems and worries are minuscule.

Reached Dharamshala to figure out a place to stay. With the help of friends and family landed up going to Dharamkot and found a homestay called Shanti Guesthouse.

View from the homestay in Dharamkot, Himachal Pradesh.

Got a room with an attached bathroom for about 300 bucks a night. Quite reasonable for a solo traveler.

Freshened up and went about walking to McLeod. The walk was quite pleasant as it was a downhill path between the trees and mountain air. Landed up stopping at the first decent looking Tibetan food joint for some momos and thukpa soup.

Later was just walking around the market area. Luckily picked up some fruits and munchies for safety. The next day begun with heavy showers early in the morning and didn’t seem to go away at all.


Landed up reading a book, lazying around and enjoying the lovely weather and view. Luckily the downpour stopped sometime after lunch. Managed to step out and head to Woesar Bakery as recommended by my brother Manmeet.

View of McLeod while walking towards the market

Met up with Ethelene who was staying at the same homestay. Surprising how one lands up meeting travelers with such varied backgrounds but the one thing that bonds them is the love for travel. People can go on talking and sharing stories of their travels and somehow be totally comfortable in the company of a total stranger.

Visited the Dalai Lama temple and sat with the monks for a while.

Dalai Lama Temple, McLeod


Fortunately the next day was quite clear and rains did not disrupt any plans. Walked to Bhagsu waterfall which was super crowded being a weekend.

Off beat path to head to Bhagsu via Dharamkot
Bhagsu Waterfall

This place was swarming with people. Many were heading to the river bed with bottles and drinking up. Guess that does happen at most places in India.

Later on head to Dal Lake which was quite a long walk away. Spotted a local handcrafted Tibetan music instrument shop where people were working on their piece of art.


Dal Lake

Met a monk here who had come along with his friends. The monk had come for the meditation course and his friends had come to learn the local healing practices.


On the way back met up with Kamal and a few fellow travelers that she bonded with. McLeod being one of her favourite spots, we went to this restaurant run by monks called Shangrila. This place has one of the best views to simply sit down with a cup of tea and a book. Perfect spot for solo travelers looking for some time to just unwind and enjoy what nature has to offer.