Day 15 – 16 – Shimla

Finally managed to step out of Delhi and make my way towards Shimla. The journey to the mountains begins today.

Using navigation for the final time to exit the busy city life and hit the National Highway. Took a short breakfast halt somewhere ahead of a toll.

Aloo Pyaaz paratha with dahi

Roads were super smooth till about 70 KMs before Shimla. One the ghat section started the roads were a bit patchy due to 4 lane construction going on. Hitting the mountains and seeing the beauty of Himachal compensates for the bad roads.

Some 60KMs before Shimla

In the midst of enjoying the view it started raining. Decided to take a short halt at a bus stop to experience another picturesque natural sight.

These two pictures have been taken just 10 mins apart. It was surreal to watch the mist come in and naturally paint a new picture for the eyes.

Luckily had managed to speak to a friend and stay at his native place in Shimla. This was a few kilometers before main Shimla. Upon coordinating with him, he said that I’ll reach their place in 20 mins and all I could say was don’t worry I’ll easily take an hour.

Stopped at multiple spots just to see the view. With the sun coming down and colouring the clouds.


The roads towards the last 20 KMs were in a good condition and could ride without worrying too much about the potholes.

Reached friend’s place in the evening. Walked around a bit to see a spot where all the locals get drinking water from. Natural Mineral water that came from the mountains and trees.

There was another interesting sight of a tree that grew in a very different shape.


Headed to Shimla by local bus the next day.


Breathing the air of the mountains always helps.
Great thing about Shimla is that smoking isn’t allowed in the main city in public places. And they have boards around the city stating it’s been smoking free since 2nd October 2010.

At the entry of the army office in Shimla
Shimla Church

Luckily there aren’t any vehicles allowed in the main areas of Shimla and everyone has to walk.

Most of the food around is veg, but these pahadi people are very good with their food, so vegetarians and foodies would have a great time.

Momos & Kurkej
Panaromic View from Sankat Mochan Mandir, some 7 KMs before Shimla

Whilst I was at the temple, a truck load of bananas came in. To my surprise the monkeys did not even attempt to steal any of the food. To which the locals said that ‘Even the monkeys know that they can have it only after the food has been offered as prayer to Hanuman’