Day 1 – Mumbai to Surat

The early morning good byes, crying and photos.

At the start of the journey.

Leading to more photos with friends waiting on the highway


And the journey begins with loads of self doubt, am I prepared ? Can this really come true ?

With moving rain clouds manage to stop near Kamat’s for a leak. Ain’t that one of the best moments of being on the road. Attending nature’s call in the true sense.
Was just standing there for a bit absorbing the nature (of course after zipping the fly) and this man walks up to me asking about my plan and with a big heart wishes loads of luck and also offered to help in any way he could. Had always heard about helpful people on the road. Hope to meet all kinds of people. Meeting another friend, Sandeep Shukla, at the Boisar junction. Forgot the name of the phata. Sat with him for a while over some lovely parathas. He had a few goodies to give, Motul Oil & Coolant. Can’t thank him enough for being so helpful and kind towards he fellow traveler that he’s never met before.


Feeling a bit drowsy as I move on, halted near some water body to sit and relax for a while. Clicked a few pics and waited for a bit. Which is when a herd of grazing buffaloes started walking my way. No clue what to do in this situation. Just hoping not to make any eye contact and instigate them. Luckily all went well and started back on the road to be drenched in rain for another 100 KMs along with crazy cross winds. Not helping to maintain any average speeds at all

The jacket rain liner didn’t help much. The supposed waterproof pant also didn’t help. The supposed waterproof shoes and gloves also got all wet. Luckily the saddle bags were a bit dry ish.

Had some lovely food prepared by friend’s mum.

Post which we had this icecream paan. Mind you not paan ice cream. But ice cream stuffed in paan.

Couldn’t spend much time to catch up with my friend as it was a working day for him. But it’s always an interesting time to be around and see how things work in that industry.


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