Mahindra Mojo – First Impressions

Here I am this Christmas day, no plan in sight for the day. Little did I know that this day might just turn out to be way more fruitful than imagined.

A call to the Mahindra dealership in Andheri, and I was all geared up and off to take a quick spin on this new steed from the makers of the larger MUVs and what not. They have surely come a long way in the automotive segment. Especially with the Mojo! After testing it for what seems an eternity, more like close to 5 years.

Less talk about these random opening bits and moving on to more about the bike

Mahindra Mojo - Side 2

A few pointers to note about the test mule:

  • Had been used by the guys at Overdrive.
  • Only about 1.5K KMs on the odo.
  • The sales person mentioned that the bike has been what we say bajaao’d or screwed royally by previous testors.
  • Chain was a tad bit loose.
  • Mirrors were totally loose and not useable at all. (Hope the ones that come on the delivery pieces aren’t the same way)
  • Total riding distance: 15KM

Mahindra Mojo - Console
First Impressions:

The very first thing that one notices are the comfortable seats and wide handle bars. Next this is when you take your legs towards the pegs is then you land you sliding your legs behind and find the silencer instead of the footpegs! Yes this bike is made to be a relaxed cruiser having its foot pegs way more ahead than what users coming from the hot selling bikes these days have.


This has a sort of retro look to it while still having a new age feel with the cuts and edges that designing team has managed to pull off. Many people are put off by the current looks and prefered the way it had been revealed in the Auto Expo couple of years back.

Mahindra Mojo - Side

Handling & Braking

The bike surely feels extremely comfortable to ride, the pirellis do give you confidence, but at the same time it did not feel as planted to the road as a Duke 390 with Metz would be.. Can’t be the best judge here as it was a pretty short spin.

Brakes do inspire quite some confidence especially for the fact that this is such a powerful bike is equipped with the brakes that it needs. But not the ones that it deserves! ABS! Even though I did not miss the ABS or actually find the need for it as such, it would undoubtedly be much safer with the kind of idiots we see on the roads these days.

The Ride

This machine gave a nice thrill and churns out power right from the word go! Even in the city one does not come to know when they would be in higher RPMs. The engine never lets the rider feel that they are riding on the higher end of the rev band. Another plus of the acceleration and gearing is that the bike reaches about 80 – 100 in no time.The bike is pretty stable even at speeds of 100 – 120. In the city traffic, the leg heater / engine cooling system kicks in. Being a naked bike the heat doesn’t hit you that badly and is pretty easily manageable.

It eats up potholes for it’s everyday breakfast. The stock suspension setting is simply bliss for anyone coming from the Dukes or Pulsars.

The gearbox doesn’t have the feeling of being locked when in the 1st or last gear which is similar to the Enfields. In the initial 5 KMs of the ride the gearbox was super smooth and slick. With nice clicks when each gear locked in. But towards the end of the ride the gears became a bit hard and clunky. Hope it was just the issue in this test mule.

The Grunt

With all bikers, one of the major troubling points is ‘How does it sound?’ This one is packed with a untamable grunt when you start it. The grumbling makes you feel light in the stomach and simply flick the side stand and move ahead. Post 4k on the rev band the sound is totally different and gives out a sweet whistling sound. Kind of seeming like there is more than a single cylinder between your legs.

Another point to note for all the sound lovers out there is that the Mojo comes with the option of removing the DB killer!

Price Point

Coming it an about Rs. 1.94L on road in Mumbai it is a sweet deal for someone who is looking to tour alone. Just fill fuel and not really be bothered about it. The 21L tank is something that I can’t stop exaggerating about. The tank range is genuinely any motorcycle travelers’ dream. Only other bit that I ask is the ABS, which the dealers are saying would come to the end consumers only in 2017.

Mahindra Mojo - Front


This is one bit where the Mahindra team could have done a much better job given the price range this one has come out at. The overall parts look a bit flimsy. Like the switches on the handle bar. The mirrors which did not hold up at all which might just be because the bike had been abused by many people.


Here’s a short video of the quick spin

This machine has surely made quite some news in the motorcycling segment way before it’s launch as well. Let’s hope to get a non abused mule to test over a couple of days and do a much thorough review of this much talked about Mahindra Mojo!