Summer Dip at Kelwa Beach via Shirgaon Fort & Mahim Beach

The summer heat had got to my friend and me. We were simply fried with the weather plus the fact of having to work day in day out. Gone were the days where one would get a summer vacation. The time to get tanned. The days of playing outdoors and comparing who got tanned the most this summer. How many bruises you got this summer. All those days simply vanish as we move ahead with different phases of life.

So here we were with the goal of heading out somewhere close to Bombay and exploring newer places while being able to head to a relaxed place and take a nice dip in the sea water. Having been to Kelwa beach multiple times, we head out to check out Shirgaon fort which is a mere 10 kms ahead of Kelwa.

All of this leading us to newer roads and places that simply show us the simplicity of life and how much we have complicated it. Shirgaon fort was simply at the edge of the sea with local people having set up their homes right adjacent to the fort.

The fort was simply deserted, broken down with the wear and tear which gave it a more ancient and rustic look. Will let the pictures talk more about it.

Shirgaon Fort Shirgaon Fort Shirgaon Fort Shirgaon Fort Shirgaon Fort

Stomachs starting to grumble plus the sun rising higher and higher, we head out to see more about Mahim beach. This one is a totally virgin and unexplored beach. Got lost just trying to ask the locals for the route to the beach as a few roads were blocked and shut down. Never the less once we reached the beach it was so peaceful with no soul in sight for miles. No beach shacks and shanties have exploited the place yet, leading to a no garbage sight which is totally surprising given the proximity to known places around.

We then headed to the known place to find a small spot to ourselves to simply relax and not think about the sinful life of the city. Taking a dip in the sea at Kelwa beach has always disappointed me for the fact that it’s a totally flat beach and the water levels do not rise above your waist (even after walking a kilometre into the water!!) It’s a boon for the non-swimmers, for they will always feel the safety of their legs touching the ground.

Kelwa Beach Kelwa Beach

The food available around is not like the local Maharastrian food that one expects when traveling to places in Maharashtra. But never the less it is decent and enjoyable.

Kelwa Beach

This trip set us back about Rs. 700-800 per head inclusive of fuel & food. Totally worth it for a day’s expense for a quick getaway from Bombay.


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