Karnala Bird Sanctuary

Loved by folks who adore nature and don’t fret to get lost in the woods. Head there if you’re on a budget for the day. Fuel would be anywhere around Rs. 300 to cover a round trip of 120-130 kms by a motorcycle. Another Rs. 60 for entry plus bike parking (Cameras will be charged extra).

The roads aren’t in great condition on the NH17, especially the patch from Panvel to Karnala, but the scenic beauty will make one forget about the roads between potholes.

Food is available inside the sanctuary for very reasonable prices. Don’t miss out on the coconut chutney which is made the Marashtrian style with a lot of chillies to spice up the palate.

Lucky travelers might just manage to see the peacock spreading it’s feathers and enchanting one with it’s beauty.

There are two paths for the trek to the top of the fort. One regular path that is shown by the direction board. Or one can be adventurous enough to take the path that starts from the small dam.

Karnala Fort

Head there for a refreshing day and meet fellow trekking mates.


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