Finding places of solitude in Bombay – Under Rs. 500

Everyone wants some ‘me’ time. Being in a city like Bombay where people share a sq. km with another 20,000 people there’s nowhere to go and just be you!

Here’s a list of places that one can visit to within a 1 hour radius and manage to find that space for themselves and not be disturbed.

All these places do entail a nice bike ride as well which can be a great starting point for beginners to begin their traveling on two wheels.

Here’s the list of locations that can be a quick getaway while being on a budget of a maximum of Rs. 500 inclusive of fuel, food, parking, entry fees, etc.

  • Sanjay Gandhi National Park – Borivali

DSC_0059 (Large)Here’s the very famous location that all of Bombay goes to for their weekend. But if one is open enough to lose their inhibitions and simply wander into the jungle then they are in for a treat to seeing a different kind of beauty within the busy city itself.

  • Pagoda – Gorai

Image Source: Wikipedia

Another cliché place that is spoken about a million times by many but visited by a few. Head here to try out the short 10-15 min Vipassana session to gain an insight into the way of like of meditation and being with oneself.

  • Yeoor Hills – Thane

Another hidden gem inside the bustling city. You will see many people walking on the concrete paved roads and think that even this place has been taken over by them. Little do people know the vast jungle they are offered to explore when one intends to venture a little deeper and explore extensively.

  • Parsik Hill – Navi Mumbai

Parsik Hill - Navi MumbaiLocated in Navi Mumbai, very close to where the Palm Beach Road ends near Belapur / Kharghar. Been used in a movie for some interesting shots as well. It’s a good ride for a beginner to handle the curves and get an essence of what hills have to offer. Can have a look at a short video of the same

Will keep adding more locations for budget two wheel travellers. If you guys have any suggestion, do comment below and I’ll explore them out and add them here.


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