Breakfast Escapade to Lonavala

Only people working in advertisement agencies know the pain of working even on weekends. Sometimes for many a weeks back to back.

This ride was a result of many of them simply piling on and on. All there was left to do was ride and breathe in some fresh air. Look around nature and simply ponder into nothingness. But yes, sadly reach office on a Saturday at 10.30 am to work all day long.

The destination was decided the ever green Lonavala which is now the go to place for most of the motorcycle riders around Bombay and Pune. (PS: Don’t head to RK, there are tons of tiny places to explore in Lonavala for food)

Another instinct embedded in the body which is a boon for the biker is waking up early without an alarm, which always helps to head out and adhere to time restrictions that each and every traveler dreads.

Was a simple leisure ride to Lonavala. No speed runs. Nothing out of the blue. All that was needed was a plain and simple ride and take the mind off everything. Let it think of nothing but simply seeing and absorbing the beauty around.

Post reaching Lonavala, ended up heading to the small food stall discovered on one of the earlier rides with a couple of friends. Which is situated right beside the bus stop. They serve some hot idlis and poha along with tea for all the local folks. The place is usually seen with locals having their regular breakfast.

Time was still on my side so headed to Lion Point (famously interlinked by most people with Tiger point), and the roads were a treat as they fully fogged with the clouds and mist on the road providing zero visibility.

It was simply bliss, something that was exactly needed for the moment. To clear the mind with the fog.

A quick halt at Lion Point and was headed back to work with another short 5 min stop at picking up some chocolate fudge.

The only thing that every traveler dreads is having to head back to the life of the society and live to earn paper & plastic only to fuel one’s own dreams of exploring & wandering.


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