Karnala Bird Sanctuary

Loved by folks who adore nature and don’t fret to get lost in the woods. Head there if you’re on a budget for the day. Fuel would be anywhere around Rs. 300 to cover a round trip of 120-130 kms by a motorcycle. Another Rs. 60 for entry plus bike parking (Cameras will be charged extra).

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Finding places of solitude in Bombay – Under Rs. 500

Everyone wants some ‘me’ time. Being in a city like Bombay where people share a sq. km with another 20,000 people there’s nowhere to go and just be you!

Here’s a list of places that one can visit to within a 1 hour radius and manage to find that space for themselves and not be disturbed.

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Breakfast Escapade to Lonavala

Only people working in advertisement agencies know the pain of working even on weekends. Sometimes for many a weeks back to back.

This ride was a result of many of them simply piling on and on. All there was left to do was ride and breathe in some fresh air. Look around nature and simply ponder into nothingness. But yes, sadly reach office on a Saturday at 10.30 am to work all day long.

The destination was decided the ever green Lonavala which is now the go to place for most of the motorcycle riders around Bombay and Pune. (PS: Don’t head to RK, there are tons of tiny places to explore in Lonavala for food)

Another instinct embedded in the body which is a boon for the biker is waking up early without an alarm, which always helps to head out and adhere to time restrictions that each and every traveler dreads.

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The Road Less Traveled to Lavasa

It was just another weekend coming in where the traveler inside was simply hoping for more holidays to wander off into the wilderness while the human had to adhere to the society and stay grounded and come back to the 4 walls of an office the following Monday.

So the location was decided ‘Lavasa’. All the Mumbai and Pune folks know the place very well for it’s curvy roads and usually head there to scrape their knees and click some instagrammy pics.

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